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werid and intersting superstitions in Italy

10 Of The Weirdest And Most Interesting Superstitions In Italy

Posted by Darya Camacci on August 26 2016

Superstitions are those things that every country seems to have but what do you know about Italian superstitions?

Just like every country, they have their fair share of superstitions and after reading this post you may think some of them are a tad weird. Either way, it pays to know how to behave in Italy so be sure you pay attention and remember these superstitions or you just may end up experiencing bad luck.

  1. Beware the sweeping broom - According to the superstition, if someone is sweeping the floor with a broom and that broom touches your feet, you'll never get married.


  1. Never put your hat down on someone’s bed - If you go into someone’s bedroom, you should never put your hat down on their bed. It’s supposedly bad luck because it’s associated with the last rites a priest gives when visiting someone on their deathbed.


  1. Never walk under a ladder - So you see a ladder in your path where you’re walking? Make sure to never walk underneath it, but always around it. This is because of the triangular shape of a ladder, which symbolizes the Holy Trinity.


  1. Never get married on a Friday - You can get married any time of year and at any time of day but you can never get married on just any day. Friday’s are a no go for weddings. Again, this superstition has its roots in religion because it’s believed that Jesus died on a Friday so it’s considered bad luck to get married on Fridays.


  1. Don’t open an umbrella inside - So you’re running indoors from the pouring rain and the last thing you’re thinking about is closing your umbrella before you rush inside. You just want to get out of the rain, right? Well, in Italy you must wait outside and close your umbrella first otherwise you’ll have bad luck for the rest of your life.

 feet touching the ground

  1. Put your right foot down first - This one is a truly weird one that states if you sleep on the left side of a double bed you must put your right foot down first when you get out in the morning. To put your left foot down first supposedly invites the devil into your life.


  1. Don’t risk 7 years of bad sex - We all like to toast people before a drink and in Italy you must look that person in the eye when you’re toasting them because if you don’t, you risk 7 years of bad sex.


  1. Finding a coin is good luck... sometimes - If you find a coin then it’s good luck but only if you spit on it first and then put it in your pocket.


  1. Know your lucky and unlucky numbers - The number 17 is a bad omen and synonymous with bad luck. Apparently, some hotels won’t even have a 17th floor because of this. However, the number 13 is a lucky one and is considered to bring prosperity and happiness. So whatever you do, never do anything on the 17th of each month.

  2. Don't spill the salt or olive oil - You'll get bad luck if you spill the olive oil or salt so pay extra attention to how you handle them. It's believed this superstition has its roots from centuries ago when commodities like olive oil and salt were considered expensive luxuries.

Now you know how to behave in Italy so pay attention and be sure to avoid bringing bad luck into your life.

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Darya Camacci

Written by Darya Camacci

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