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10 Timely Tips for the Way We Travel Today

Posted by Mira Todorova on August 28 2016

Let’s face it, travel can be tricky.

Numerous details need to be taken care of and many things can go wrong if you’re not paying attention. That’s why we’ve assembled some helpful tips, some of which are time-tested ideas. The others are new solutions to old challenges that'll help you simplify your trip and free you up to just enjoy yourself.

1. Check in online.

Most airlines now offer online check-in - a fast and convenient alternative to traditional check-in at the airline desk at the airport. If you do not check-in in advance, you can still bypass the lines by checking in at a kiosk or curbside at the airport.

2. Get some of your cash changed to euros before you depart.

Do this at a financial institution outside the airport because airport exchange offices tend to offer the worse exchange rates. You’ll want to have some local currency when you arrive.

3. Put non-valuable jewelry and other metallic objects in your checked in luggage.

Save yourself trouble by putting metallic objects in your checked-in luggage rather than taking them with you.

4. Pack smart.

Pack the heaviest things in your bags toward the bottom, where the wheels are. Folding your clothes takes up space; rolling them up makes them compact and less wrinkly. Store underwear and socks inside your shoes, to create additional space in your checked luggage. Every little bit helps.

5. Consider your carry-on.

Is everything important you need in there? Medications, toothbrush, etc. If your luggage is lost, you will have the essentials on hand.

consider your carry-on

6. Reuse your water bottles instead of buying new ones.

Italy has numerous public places where you can refill a water bottle. This will save you money and will be more sustainable for the environment.

7. Keep all your electronic cables and chargers together and bring an adaptor/converter.

Many hotels do have outlets for American electronics, but you never know. Pack all your cables together for easy access.

8. Learn a few words of Italian.

Grazie and per favore go a long way. Dove il bagno is useful too! Look up some basic words. Italians appreciate the attempt, even if your accent isn’t perfect. They know their English isn’t perfect either.

9. Notify your bank you’ll be traveling overseas.

This is part of our travel checklist but it bears repeating. Credit card companies are on the lookout for fraud and are likely to freeze your account if sudden unexpected charges start appearing.

10. Noise canceling headphones are the best things ever.

Forget about loud passengers and airplane engines; you'll sleep peacefully on your flight.

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Mira Todorova

Written by Mira Todorova

Director Of Travel Sales BellaVista Tours