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5 Things to Do in Italy that Don't Involve Churches

Posted by Megan DeAngelo on May 15 2016

We write about churches a great deal in this blog. Almost as much as wine. 

We love Italian churches because of their magnificent art and architecture, as well as their fascinating histories. However, after seeing your twentieth church, you may have had your fill of architecture and want a little break. That's the time to take a day off from the tour group and make some interesting memories through a serendipitous outing.

Our suggestions for actitivies that are a bit different:

1. Go for a picnic

- Why not go on a picnic one afternoon? Go to a market, get what you need, and even grab a bottle of classic Italian wine to enjoy in a park. Relax and have some downtime for an afternoon rather than pack it full of activities.

2. Relax at a cafe

- Go to a cafe and relax with a coffee or other beverage. Linger, as the Italians do. Just remember, drinking cappuccinos and other milky coffee drinks in the afternoons is something that will brand you instantly as a tourist.

3. Hire a car and go exploring

- Do something spontaneous. Rent a car and go for a drive and see where it takes you. You'll add some random fun to your trip. There are many wonderful regions of Italy to explore by car like Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, expecially in the off-season. You'll see how local people in these areas live. Look for local food markets so you may find a few special treats along the way.

4. Go to the opera

- Even if you've never seen an opera or don't think you would like it, a visit to the opera is worth considering. The opera originated in Italy and it is still one of the best places to see a live performance. The opera houses themselves are enchanting to visit. We advise booking your tickets in advance because performances often sell out.

5. Take a hike

- Amazing hikes are available in Italy, from the mountains to the lakes and coasts, as well as Sicilian hikes along volcanoes. If you're not an experienced hiker, hire a guide. You will enjoy your time away from the cities, especially if you choose a lesser known trail or area to walk.

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Megan DeAngelo

Written by Megan DeAngelo

Travel Consultant BellaVista Tours