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outdoor rome is endlessly fascinating

Outdoor Rome is Endlessly Fascinating

Posted by Mira Todorova on July 17 2016

If you like being outdoors while vacationing, Rome is the city for you.

The city on the Tiber is glorious all year round, with moderate temperatures in the winter, ideal sunny weather in the spring and fall, and for those who thrive in warm weather, sultry summers.

With magnificent architecture going back almost three centuries, Rome is like an outdoor museum, but it's also a modern European capital with plenty of official business taking place.

For the most part, the city has only a few chain stores and restaurants and cookie-cutter shopping malls; instead you'll find ancient ruins and locally-owned trattorias and boutiques. You can walk the streets; in fact, you'll be safer if you do! Traffic is chaotic and makes New York City traffic look organized.

Open air concerts and alfresco dining are plentiful in the summer. The word al fresco is, of course, Italian.

Rome's historic center, or centro storico, is a fantastic place to ramble. It borders the Tiber River. 

What to See and Do Outdoors in the Eternal City:

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  • Piazzas - Piazza di Spagna, with the Spanish Steps; the picturesque Piazza Navona in the center of town; and the beloved Campo de' Fiori, bustling with shops and cafes.
  • Ruins - Trevi Fountain at the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum.
  • Historic districts - the Ghetto, Jewish quarter part of center city, cento storico.
  • Parks - Villa Borghese, Janiculum Hill, Tivoli gardens, Villa Celimontana.
  • Panoramic views - Vittoriano, Spanish Steps, Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta at the top of Aventine Hill, Vittorio Emanuele Monument, Janiculum Hill and of course, St. Peter's dome.
  • Window shopping on the Via del Corso and on Via Condotti.
  • Antiquing on the Via del Coronari.
  • Shopping for produce at the Camp de' Fiori. (but don't handle the fruits and veggies!)
  • Day trips to the town of Tivoli, where travertine is quarried; Ostia Antica, the ruined city, wine tasting in Frascati; and Lido di Ostia, the closest beach. 

On your first visit to Rome, you will barely scratch the surface of all the city has to offer!

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