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Pope Francis' Favorite Foods Revealed in Vatican Cookbook

Posted by Darya Camacci on May 13 2016

What does the Pope eat?

You'll find lots of tidbits about the last three popes' eating habits in the new English translation of "The Vatican Cookbook," as well as details about what it's like to live and dine in the world's smallest country.

Published in April 2016, "The Vatican Cookbook: 500 years of classic recipes, papal tributes, and exclusive images of life and art at the Vatican" is a vision of the lives of the popes and those who live in this highly protected enclave. With a slew of five-star reviews on Amazon lauding the color photography, the history and the recipes, this cookbook seems bound to be popular among the faithful, and possibly also the culinarily devout.

It's the year of the Vatican Jubilee, so the book's timing seems appropriate.

Its authors, David Geisser, Erwin Niederberger and Daniel Anrig, are all current or former members of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, a kind of papal secret service. You will discover dishes such as "Argentine Empanadas on Pepper Salad," a favorite of the current Pope Francis from Argentina.

What about the Polish pope, John Paul II? Holy pierogis, of course, which he insisted on having—despite doctor's orders—after being laid up by a bullet wound during an attempted assassination.

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The cookbook reveals that the popes like to dine on traditional dishes that are heavy on meat and cheese and also quite rich. We also learn that Polish nuns do most of the cooking.

In its pages you journey through the everyday lives of three popes, Pope Francis, Bavarian Pope Benedict XVI, who retired, and the late Pope John Paul II. All of these recent popes have sections featuring their biographies and favorite foods.

Buon Appetito!

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