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What to Do Before You Go: Travel Checklist

Posted by Darya Camacci on April 10 2016

You've booked your overseas vacation and you're excited about the upcoming trip.

Great! But before you go—

We’ve put together a checklist with important things you need to do before you leave the country and visit your dream destination.


Travel Insurance

Are you protected against things that are not under your control? You at least need basic insurance that covers you for medical expenses.


Let Your Bank and Credit Card Companies Know About Your Travel Plans

Tell your financial services providers the dates you will be away, and even PayPal, if you rely on it. If not, then you risk having your accounts frozen because of suspicious activity when you use your cards overseas.


Make Photocopies of Your Passport and Other Important Documents

Always make a copy of your passport, bank statement, driver’s license and any other important documents as a precaution in case you lose them. One copy to take with you, and one to leave at home.


Make Sure Your Cell Is Unlocked

If you want to use your cellphone while overseas, then call your provider to have your phone unlocked or place it on a temporary international plan so you can use it abroad without being slugged with massive fees. Although with Skype and Viber, you may not need to use your mobile at all.


Write Down the Phone Number and Address of Your Hotel

If you are using public transportation, having the phone number of your hotel can be extremely useful. You will also need the address and information about the part of town you're in, especially if you decide to get taxis around the city.


Make Sure Your Driver’s License and Passport Are Valid and Current

This is very useful if you plan to rent a car. Double check that an international driver's license is not required. For your passport, make sure it is valid six months after the date of your departure.


Give a Copy of Your Itinerary to Someone You Trust

In the event of an emergency, he or she will know where you are and how to contact you. Do not post your itinerary on social media: This is a good way to tip off thieves that you are out of town!

After you check off all these items, you can relax and have a safe and fun vacation. Many of these tips are purely precautionary, but why not have peace of mind?

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Darya Camacci

Written by Darya Camacci

VP Sales & Marketing BellaVista Tours