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When in Florence, Take Your Kids to the Galileo Museum

Posted by Megan DeAngelo on June 26 2016

A small museum in Florence that is wonderful for children is the Galileo Museum (Museo Galileo) on Piazza dei Giudici.

Your kids will enjoy learning about scientific concepts in an interactive, hands-on way. Many workshops and tours are offered in English and all the displays are translated. Guides speak English, and you can even have an English-speaking 'Galileo' himself take you around the museum.

See the Original Telescopes Galileo Used to Make his Discoveries

galileo galilei telescope

The experiential visit is the most popular program where groups are guided through the permanent collection with demonstrations. The historical context and functions of the displays are explained simply for younger ages.

"Life and Works" highlights the life and discoveries of the prolific scientist who influenced the religious, philosophical and scientific thinking of his time, even to the point of persecution. The museum's Medicean collection shows original instruments—two surviving telescopes that he built.

The "Experiential" visit, "Life and Works of Galileo" and "History of Medicine," are offered in English all year long.  

Groups can be from one person up to 30 people, and you can go through the museum on your own, or with an educator who is bilingual. A reservation is required for 15 people or more.

Fees and Reservations

Private visits of groups from 1 to 14 people pay a flat rate of 50 Euros for the visit plus all museum entrance fees. All educational visits must be reserved via the call center at

There is also a new app that visitors can use to tour with smartphones. This app is available both in English and Italian. Headphones allow the visitor to have access to both the written texts and digital films. Headphones cost 50 cents at the ticket office.


We'll leave you with a quotation from the great scientist himself:

You cannot teach a man anything;
you can only help him find it within himself. --
Galileo Galilei

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Megan DeAngelo

Written by Megan DeAngelo

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