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Venice's Caffè Florian: Almost 300 and Still Up Late

Posted by Darya Camacci on March 27 2016

 On St. Mark’s Square in Venice stands a cultural landmark, Caffè Florian.

 Established in 1720, it is the oldest coffeehouse in Venice, and possibly in Europe. It was originally named “Triumphant Venice (Alla Venezia Trionfante)” but ultimately became known as Florian’s, after its owner, Floriano Francesconi.

Visiting the café, which is open daily from 10am - 9 pm and later on weekends, you'll join Charles Dickens, Goethe and Rousseau, all visitors to Italy who enjoyed the Florian once upon a time. Before women were allowed to eat in public places, the Florian admitted everyone, and Venetian resident Casanova supposedly made some of his conquests here.

Mixing the old and new

Caffe Bar Florian

The menu is extensive, from “Casanova’s Breakfast” to coffee and traditional English tea, from mouthwatering gelati and tiramisù creations to a full bar with wine, champagne, cocktails and cordials such as Florian’s own brand of brandy, aged seven years.

Music by the Florian's orchestra is played seasonally in the "café-chantant" style of Europe. The Bellini was invented in Venice and the kitchen makes it only using fresh peaches and prosecco.

The venerable Florian prides itself on being traditional and contemporary at the same time, hosting cultural events and contemporary art discussions and exhibits. The chef likes to re-invent classic dishes. 

Historical decor celebrating Italian and other cultures

caffe florian chinese room
Each room in the Florian is different. The decor ranges from the art nouveau Liberty Room, created to celebrate its 200th birthday, to the China Room with its red velvet banquettes and gold leaf.

Florian sells its retail brand items in major Italian cities. A long list of product lines includes gourmet coffee, perfume, coffee cups, wine, aprons, vinegars, jewelry, scarves and shoulder bags—anything that Florian can put its name on as a mark suggesting high quality.

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Darya Camacci

Written by Darya Camacci

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